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If You Love Mark Ryden You'll Love Nicoletta Ceccoli: 'Curiouser + Curiouser' Comes To AFA (PHOTOS)

If You Like Mark Ryden You'll Love This

The Moon suggests the isolation we often feel when we strike out on a personal journey after having left an old way of life behind. It can be frightening and unnerving as we may no longer have anyone to support us.  We may have had to leave everyone behind on our quest. {The Moon - Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot.}                                                                                                                                                      More

Beautiful Nightmares: Nicoletta Ceccoli

The Moon - Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot. “What is jealousy but a reflection of your own failures?” ― Michael Connelly, The Last Coyote

Just Like Heaven - Nicoletta Ceccoli

campsis: Nicoletta Ceccoli - Just Like Heaven- this artist reminds me of the style from the movie Big Eyes

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Coup de projecteur sur: Nicoletta Ceccoli

oh i fell inlove with this nicoletta ceccoli illustration! nice idea for a tat :)

Web Preview: Babes in Toyland - Nicoletta Ceccoli

Nicoletta Ceccoli , Angelica Our insistent visions fly where the human and the animal collide Boris Bucan, The Firebird and Petruska ,

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Nicoletta Ceccoli: “Play with Me” @ AFA of SoHo Welcome to the eerie playground of Nicoletta Ceccoli, where her tiny protagonists invite you to ‘Come and play with us.