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5 olösta mysterier som förbryllar utredarna och skakat världen

Edinburgh is a ghost hunter’s paradise. It seems that there is barely a nook or cranny of the Scottish capital that doesn’t lay claim to spooky goings-on of one kind or another, and there is one hot spot in particular that boasts inexplicable activity which is unusually well-documented. George MacKenzie (1638–1691), Lord Advocate of Scotland, was a merciless persecutor of the Presbyterian Covenanters in life, and now his ghost haunts Greyfriars Cemetery.


WORLD`S ANCIENT MYSTERIES: The World`s 10 Most Famous Uncracked Codes


June 1947, SOS message was picked up: “All officers and captain are dead followed by some indecipherable Morse code, and final message "I die." The nearest ship, The Silver Star was soon alongside the Dutch ship and their boarding party found a macabre sight: every member of the crew lay dead, their corpses scattered, their eyes were still open and expressions of terror were on their features. found the radio operator dead, eyes open and teeth bared. no wounds on any of the bodies.


Chances are you have not heard of BEKs (Black Eyed Kids) yet. Sightings of them are few and far between but via the internet they are growing in number, and the reports describe close encounters that are not only weird, but also frightening. The stories almost always start with a ring of the doorbell. One, two or more children appear on a ‘victim’s’ doorstep and ask for help: they need to use the toilet, make an urgent phone call or relate another tale of distress. They ask to come in…

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The Unsolved Mystery of Taman Shud

On December 1, 1948 a body was found lying on Adelaide’s Somerton Beach. All the labels were missing from his clothing, he had no identification and his dental records did not match any known person. A piece of paper with the printed words “Tamam Shud” on it was discovered in a secret pocket concealed within the dead man’s trousers. The scrap was traced to a rare edition of a book entitled The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, a code was on the back. The case was never solved.


located in the Library of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Reis was a famous Turkish admiral whose passion was cartography. Taking advantage of his rank and his privileged access to the Imperial Library of Constantinople, his 1513 gazelle skin map was built upon the work of others, with some of his cartographical sources dating back as far as the time of Alexander the Great...


10 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

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