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100 saker de inte vill att du ska veta : konspirationer, mysterier och olösta brott / [Daniel Smith] ... #facklitteratur

An 80 ton boulder on the side of Hidden Mountain in New Mexico bears a puzzling inscription. Carved into the stone’s flat side is what has been interpreted by some to be a version of the Ten Commandments in a form of ‘Paleo-Hebrew’.

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Andra världskrigets olösta mysterier

10 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

The Phaistos Dysk - WORLD`S ANCIENT MYSTERIES: The World`s 10 Most Famous Uncracked Codes

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June 1947, SOS message was picked up: “All officers and captain are dead followed by some indecipherable Morse code, and final message "I die." The nearest ship, The Silver Star was soon alongside the Dutch ship and their boarding party found a macabre sight: every member of the crew lay dead, their corpses scattered, their eyes were still open and expressions of terror were on their features. found the radio operator dead, eyes open and teeth bared. no wounds on any of the bodies.

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The Unsolved Mystery of Taman Shud

On December 1, 1948 a body was found lying on Adelaide’s Somerton Beach. All the labels were missing from his clothing, he had no identification and his dental records did not match any known person. A piece of paper with the printed words “Tamam Shud” on it was discovered in a secret pocket concealed within the dead man’s trousers. The scrap was traced to a rare edition of a book entitled The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, a code was on the back. The case was never solved.

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Andra världskrigets olösta mysterier

5 olösta mysterier som förbryllar utredarna och skakat världen

Supposedly, a top secret subterranean complex is carved into the rock below the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico. Claims that the base is a ‘genetics lab’ in which humans and extraterrestrials cooperatively conduct disturbing experiments have been made by various ‘leaked documents’, witness reports and even an ex-employee. Strange humming sounds that seem to emanate from the earth near the town of Dulce have added to speculations of an underground facility, as have the presence of…

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