Exactly, I don't keep count... Around 20 or something, perhaps 30? I don't know... Btw, I don't care if people will say that I'm NOT a true otaku bc I've only seen this much, fandom is about the feelings, not about amounts...

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My dad and brother won't stop calling it 'japanime'! And my dad complains and lecture about the show with he's loud voice while we're watching it! He also thinks all the guys are girls!

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How I feel when I see, Kirito from SAO, Edward Elric (FMA), Natsu (Fairy Tail), Eren (Attack on Titan), and Aki (Baka and Test)

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Me watching Bleach or Naruto or Fairy tail lol xD "Dayuumm, its already 3 am, but...but... just one more episode!" and I click on the next episode...

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Yes I love how it says Eren Jaeger cause he's the one the flawless one

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Naruto x death note

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That feeling when your mom tries to stop you from watching animes. ~ Follow Anime Dakimakura Pillow for more cool stuff! #Animedakimakurapillow #dakimakura #anime #otaku #japanese #otakufan #mom #otakuproblem #animelover

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When someone says he/she is an otaku

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Seriously Ash . . #Anime #otaku #animefreak #Animefan #japan #Animeworld #otakuforever #otakuproblem #pokemon #pikachu #Ash

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I got: Natsu! What fairy tail character are you

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