Remarkably Detailed Sketches That Portray Memories as Tangible Items Living Inside a Person's Head

Storm Chasers Capture Multiple Tornadoes on Camera Together With a Beautiful Rainbow

Artist Research due 11/5: Pat Perry, using entire space and combination of lines and spots

Visually Arresting New Sketchbook Spreads and Drawings by Pat Perry (Colossal)

Moleskin drawing by Pat Perry                                                                                                                                                                                 More

“Anarchists go to Rotary Club” And Other Sketchbook Drawings by Pat Perry

The Inspirational Sketchbook of Pat Perry

The Inspirational Sketchbook of Pat Perry

9 The Natural and Urban Collide in the Drawings of Pat Perry - HD Wallpapers , Picture ,Background ,Photos ,Image - Free HQ Wallpaper - HD Wallpaper PC

Pat Perry [via Flickr] This image reminds of a Laurie Anderson story: The Geographic North Pole >

Michigan artist Pat Perry is a versitile and brilliant artist who contributes his talent to art projects such as the Beehive Design Collective.

Sketchbook Shenanigans - Pat Perry | Sketches & Jottings (idea: cone point to start from eye, memories... another from mouth, words from peom, book, great quotes... third from ear, songs, music sheet)

Sketchbook Shenanigans – Pat Perry

Inside the sketchbook of Pat Perry.Pat PerryPat PerryPat PerryIllustrations And Sketchbook Drawings By Pat PerryPat Perry