--there ought to be a better way of starting the day than having to get up-- #peanuts #charliebrown

Perfectly Melancholy 'Peanuts' Quotes

'There ought to be a Better way of starting the Day than Having to Get Up', Amen Charlie Brown.

Charlie Brown: Super Hero Style

Charlie Brown: Super Hero Style

(Ilustrador brasileiro faz homenagem aos criadores de Batman e Peanuts). // (Illustrator Brazil pays homage to the creators of Batman and Peanuts).

Love letters, by Snoopy. /// :P <3 :)) /// is this true? i would like it to be, but i'm tired of missing you ;(((((

Leto Hangs With Lagerfeld, And The Week's Best Celebrity Instagrams

-Dear Sweetheart, I miss you morning, noon & night. -That's too vague. When you write to a girl, you have to be more specific. -I miss you at &

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Perfectly Melancholy 'Peanuts' Quotes

I'm afraid my brain has left for the day. Snoopy / Peppermint Patty / Peanuts Yep,pretty much!

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☮ American Hippie Retro Peanuts ~ The Beatles lyrics, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" - Music humor quote