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Relationship problems? Look for lessons within the conflict. ind out more about cleaning and decluttering your mind from the things that hold you back in Steve and Barries: "Declutter your Mind" self improvement book.

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Its 1 am here and I'm still thinking.. This goes on until sunrise.. Sometimes I think I was a vampire in my previous life

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I'm banana focused. More

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The truth in this kinda scares me... it is so accurate about a situation I was in recently

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INFJ. We connect and I share, but there are layers upon layers and I let you in slowly, if at all.

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INFP. Yeah, we generally guess it, but we are never quite sure until the person comes out and says it, and then we just think on the inside, "Called it."

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MBTI as Oxymorons

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Little Things That Make Each Myers-Briggs Type Happy - ENFP

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Have you ever taken one of these MBTI personality tests? It's fascinating and mine came out accurate AF! (ISFJ)

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All About the ENFP Personality Type Infographic

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