Artist, Cal Lane -sculpture, plasma-cutter. Functional objects such as shovels, wheelbarrows, oil cans, and I-beams, otherwise viewed in an industrial context, are subverted and elevated to the status of high art when transformed by plasma cutter and oxyacetylene torch into lacy sculptures

Available for sale from Art Mûr, Cal Lane, Untitled (Wheelbarrow) Plasma-cut wheelbarrow, 150 × 61 × cm

Eastwoods plasma cutting guide

This Eastwood Plasma Cutting Guide allows for easy cutting of straight lines, curves, radii, and circles with minimal finishing. Circle attachment cuts 3 to diameter circles Specifically designed to fit the Eastwood Ve

I want to do this in my studio! Plasma cutting a new Corten steel panel.

Plasma steel cutting Whether you are constructing a road, a driveway or a building, need of a metal fabrication is inevitable. This is one of the ways that makes a metal productive and usable for variety of commercial, residential, or industrial projects.

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CNC Plasma Cutters used for cutting artistic metal shapes and custom parts. Visit to get a free demo video of this Plasma Cutting System.

This large and rustic hand designed tree line was cut from our CNC plasma machine and mounted to reclaimed wood that's been stained with American Walnut. This rustic/modern beauty leaves quite an impression. Steel mounts on the back to ensure solid construction. 17"X23"

This large and rustic hand designed tree line was cut from our CNC plasma…