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Thermopolium - Pompeii

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Roman house - the ruins of Pompeii and other Campanian sites near Naples in Italy preserved by volcanic ash and lava - have left us a very good idea of what Roman houses looked like in the first century AD

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How many thousands of carts must have passed along the streets to make those ruts, in the ruins of Pompeii?

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Physician's Garden in Old Pompeii.

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Fullery of Stephanus on the Via dell' Abbondanza, Pompeii. Fulleries were an important business in ancient Pompeii. Fullers processed, dyed, and washed cloth

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Bread ovens in Pompeii

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A cooking hearth at Pompeii. Photo by Carolyn Conne

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*HOUSE OF THE VETTII: Pompeii, date: 79 AD destroyed. Current location: Pompeii, Napoli, Campania, Italy. The House of Vetti preserves exceptional examples of pompeian wall-paintings. It is one of the few Pompeian house to have all of the wall paintings, furniture, + artifacts discovered there remain in place, rather than removed (+often sold) as in earlier centuries.

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Pompeii Villa

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