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This makes me mad during meets. When you look over and realize that your component is way ahead of you.

Swimmer problems, especially now that i am not understanding my coaches xD

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Community Post: 27 Struggles Only A Swimmer Can Understand

People not understanding that just because you're in water doesn't mean you don't get thirsty.

... those poor parents... it's time to encourage your swimmer to like distance events. ;-)

I have like permanent bruises from that!!! And people are always like... what did u do to ur legs

Swimmer problems I always choke on water when this happens

This is so cute and incredibly true. EXCEPT FOR JACKIE. JACKIE'S GOOD AT EVERYTHING. :'( >:(

Every season, different stroke has a problem. Guess that's why I swim IM because I can't decide which I'm good at anymore

Hahaha this site. Swimming... We all have a love-hate relationship with it:)

True. I could swim for ages but give me a set of stairs and either I trip and fall or breathing way too hard when I get to the top.