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mugges: “Layton family Christmas ”

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Same Professor Layton, same.

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laytonsguidetoetiquette: “memes! So I cooked these bad boys up. Yeah… ”

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My favorite detectives with my favorite sidekicks. Can you just see Luke getting all starry-eyed at Watson, idolizing him for being what he hopes to become? I love that image. And Sherlock getting all huffy because Layton's always nice.

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Luke is like 'WTH' and Emmy's just like, 'sure, whatevs.'

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Looking up at the stars reminds me not to take things so seriously. Sometimes, the world can seem so big... and scary. //Professor Layton, Spectre's Call, Last Spectre, Misthallery, Arianna, Luke, Cutscene, Screenshot, VanillaFolsense

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Layton's like Harry Potter! Mama's eyes and Papa's hair

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Professor Layton: Unwound Future

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