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She doesn’t mind messing her double buns as long as she can get her man Garu’s gotten used to it after all those years lol.

PUCCA by hakurinn0215 on DeviantArt

It's always fun when professional artists draw fan art of different shows. a Japanese artist who works with Cartoon Network to bring quality il.

This is pucca. She is so cute!!! I love this show!(-:


Pucca is a strong 10 year pld girl who turns 11 in season 1 and likes a boy named garu and she chases him around and kisses him all day

Pucca: TT Page 12 (END) by LittleKidsin.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Well~ That's it! I figured you guys deserved a little thing for being so patient with me! Pucca: TT Page 12 (END)


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