. . . La vida se compone, no de los días que han transcurrido, sino de los momentos que recordamos...

Shared - "Remember that your natural state is joy." - Wayne Dyer --- Joy, happy, love and all good ;

happiness. (if children in the depressing slums of Manila can still play and smile and laugh... then everyone else should too. ) Be HAPPY !!! Do more volunteer work in developing countries

''Happiness'' by Ayan Villafuerte - Children in the depressing slums of Manila still play and smile and laugh.

Monk and tiger

A monk laughing with his tiger buddy

Monk at Thai Tiger Sanctuary with tiger Joy. Here the monks live among the tigers and share their life with them Great photo

there are a lot of beautful things in the world, but a baby's laugh would defenitely make it to the top of my list

Smiling Baby-oh sweet! He/she looks like they are in a hospital blanket though. Can someone so young smile like that?

What Pure Joy Looks Like (18 pics) | Little White LionLittle White Lion, via Dog Or Not.

So Much Joy

Funny pictures about Cute Little Boy And His Best Friend. Oh, and cool pics about Cute Little Boy And His Best Friend. Also, Cute Little Boy And His Best Friend photos.

children playing - Google Search

Play leapfrog - My niece's (Joanne Quirante Escober) Photo is on National Geographic Photo Gallery : Photographing People and Pets

we like this picture because it tells a story. this picture would be great to use if we are covering a break, or a fun activity that happened. it would be great for some mods to show happiness and shock.

Happiness is a powerful emotion that can lift you much higher than anything that tries to weigh you down. Laughing with a friend in the rain can make you so happy just to be alive.