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Christmas Pusheen

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Pour water on him and we'll see how much of that is actual poof and what is fat. (via Bits And Pieces)

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Because you're a cat. My daughter loves this cat! In fact, she's wearing a t-shirt today with this cat on it!!

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Pusheenicorn: the legend, text, Pusheen; Pusheen

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theres always a sequence to these things ... go, stop and hold points and never any presumptions

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Pusheen! Marshmallows are for everything!

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A doughnut to float, a pizza to lounge under, a cake to block the UVA/UVB rays, and bacon to dry off with…

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Pusheens bio I thought Pusheen was a male well anyway Pusheen Hello Kitty would make good friends only HK is no where near as lazy as Pusheen but they both want to make friends so they would be great! Im starting to love Pusheen almost as much as HK! ❤

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Pocket Kittens.

I remember when I used to love drawing Jigglypuff's Elvis swoop.

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Pusheen the Cat on

Pusheen's selfies are so cute!! The photo bomber is a sloth!!!!! N

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