with ・・・ "Black Cherry", egenblandat glitter, camouflage rouge (kall) mer stenar och silverstripes👌


Glitter Nail Art Designs for Shiny & Sparkly Nails - Do you find your nails boring? Do you want to easily and quickly add a shiny and fascinating look to your nails without wasting a long time on paintin.

♥♥♥ the color combo tho

Beautiful Glitter Nail Designs to Make You Look Trendy and Stylish - Page 21 of 84 - Nail Polish Addicted

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💅🏻 101 Trending Pink Nail Art & Polish Color Ideas

Coffin nails shape are like the ballerina shoes. Wanna try coffin nails this fall? Check out what kind of nailsart of coffin nails you like.

The sky is the limit I also enjoy a darker blue nail polish. If you get the right shade, it can resemble the night sky. This look popped out at me because the added glitter effect reminded me of stars shining in the sky!