This is a great compromise! I hate sloppy joes and my husband loves them. I think i shall give it a try!

Turkey Sloppy Joes Recipe

Get McGuire's Steak and Mushroom Pie Recipe from Cooking Channel

Ina Garten's Pastitsio  1) Mix meat sauce and pasta 2) Don't layer the pasta mix too thick 3) Bake 45-55 min

Ina Garten's Pastitsio

Ina Garten's Pastitsio Mix meat sauce and pasta Don't layer the pasta mix too thick Bake min

Scroggin, New Zealand Trail mix, name is acronym for ingredients | 1 cup sultanas 1 cup chocolate chips 1 cup raisins 1 cup orange rind, candied 1 cup crystallised ginger 1 cup liquid glucose 1/2 cup imagination (use yours, add seeds or dried fruit) 1 cup nuts, any kind roasted


Receita de Bolo de cenoura de liquidificador com especiarias - Receitas do Allrecipes Brasil

Fork tender veal braised in a rich red sauce, Osso Buco is a meal fit for a king!

Osso buco

Osso Buco is one of the Italian greats - slow cooked veal in a white wine tomato sauce.

The meat should fall apart if you just look at it. And the thicker, more flavorful the sauce, the better.

Beef stew

Apple Cheesecake Tart This recipe is a family Thanksgiving tradition since it is such a crowd pleaser! It blends the best of smooth creamy cheesecake, tart seasonal aples, and sweet tender short bread crust.

Nikki's Perfect Pastitsio Recipe from Taste of Home -- shared by Nikki Tsangaris of Westfield, Indiana

Nikki's Perfect Pastitsio

Nikki's Perfect Pastitsio Recipe- Recipes My mother used to work so hard in the kitchen to make this classic Greek dish, and the results were always well worth her effort. My recipe for pastitsio is easier, a bit lighter and every bit as great as Mom's.

Easy Vietnamese Pho Ga (Chicken Noodle Soup):  knockoff, does not need the broth made from scratch

Easy Vietnamese Pho Ga (Chicken Noodle Soup)