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Overflowing with passion kind of love

Overflowing with passion kind of LOVE for you. I will always be a fighter and protector of your heart and your words and actions will always walk harmoniously.

Life is a fight and sometimes is not a fight for any material or exterior matters but for the basics like love, respect and security.

Rob Hill Sr -- My job is to keep going forward. It's NOT to make sure everybody approves of the journey.

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K. I do sometimes put my thoughts in the description. Lets see if you pay attention as much as I do. Tired of being made to look a fool.

Can you stand alone for a minute? Or do you NEED to be loved, adored, and admired at all times? Do you jump at the first person that is "there" it is willing to commit? Do you date anyone who shows some interest and gives you attention?  Or do you wait until the time is right, the person is right, and all your wounds are healed?

"But you'll never know how beautiful your heart can be because you're too scared to let it go through anything" . // protecting my heart

CES please.  I'm here to stay through thick and thin.  I love you no matter what!!!

"Don't be afraid of getting hurt, be afraid of letting fear control you so much that you never really give yourself a chance to genuinely be happy.