Sida 9 – Emily Slotte -Inredning, barn och familjeliv hos The Happy Hill

Picture a dream? Yes we think so 😀🌳 our Fauna bedset in adult size, in the home of the lovely 💛✨

액자 위치는 낮게

Chic is not exactly the first word that comes to mind when we think of studio apartments. But if you’re moving into your first studio apartment, or simply living in a city with astronomical rent prices. You should also base… Continue Reading →

Derrière la verrière, on cache la chambre sans la cacher, parfois une cuisine, parfois une entrée…c’est à chacun de choisir ce qu’il veut en faire. Voici deux appartements de moins de 40m², où les esp

Derrière la verrière (PLANETE DECO a homes world)

Behind the glass partition Behind the glass partition, you hide the bedroom without hiding it, sometimes a kitchen, sometimes an entrance … it’s up to each îndividual what they want to do with it. Here are two apartments of less than where spaces ar

Studio apartment

Arranging your furniture is hard enough when all the furniture you own isn’t jammed into a single room. But here you are, in your tiny one room apartment, generously called a studio apartment, and all that stuff has to go… Continue Reading →

white and grey bed

A perfect Swedish apartment with perfect storage under a cleverly concealed (from the room) bed

Grey Ombre Duvet Cover and Sham Set– Dormify

Grey Ombre Duvet Cover and Sham Set