I vår skandinaviska trend speglar vi vår längtan till naturen. Vi hämtar mönster och material från naturens flora bland växter och djur. Ljusa toner med svag färgsättning som puderrosa och mintgrönt återfinns på textilier. Fotoprint sätter twisten och vi mixar upp med marmor och koppar på möbler och dekoration. Släpp in ljus och harmoni i ditt hem med nya sängkläder med naturtrogna prints, piffa fåtöljen med nya prydnadskuddar och duka bordet med linnedukar.

Back to nature

inspiration-christmas stilinspiration from kakform.se

Use this metal grid to attach to our metal bar and then use S hook to hook small plants as well as objects and beatiful black and white images.

Indoor plants, cactus, and house plants. All the green and growing potted plants. Foliage and botanical design

Ferm Living& Plant Stand is a perfect object for decorating with greenery. The stand goes well together with the Hexagon pots but can be used with other pots, too.

Industrial Nightstand w/ Builtin Cage Lamp  reclaimed by weareMFEO, $329.00

DIY Shelves Trendy Ideas : Industrial Nightstand w/ Built-in Cage Lamp reclaimed barn wood weathered c

Anne-Li, Lifestyle inspiration: DIY, hängare....

Anne-Li, Lifestyle inspiration: DIY, hängare....

Here again scale is key. Note the G is not floating on a large wall (which would be the natural instinct) No.  It's framed by a much smaller wall that without the letter, would be doing nothing.  Instead the graphic pulls the eye into the space.  Also note the primitive elements build up to it and over lap it slightly to ground the entire tableaux. The intentional thought is extreme yet not forced.

Decorating at Home with Monograms and Initials. This letter G is my loves initial ❤

Kantha Throw

Kantha Quilt Aztec by Fossik. Lovely display idea for rugs, curtains & fabric

Little Luxurious Upgrades: Super Stylish DIY Leather Accents

Luxe Looks on a Budget: Super Stylish DIY Leather Accents



storage with drawers

17 Diy repurposing old drawers ideas

drawers Repurpose 2 drawers to make a vintage side table in diy with Vintage side table Repurposed Drawer