In the colourful world of Moomin there are lots of things for small eyes to discover. Finlayson's Moomin duvet- and pillow covers are inspired by Tove Jansson's original drawings and are authentic

Mumin, Påslakanset, Magiska Mumin, 150 x 210 cm, Blå Sängkläder till junior- & vuxensäng Textilier Barnrum på nätet hos

Magic Moomin Duvet Cover Set Magic Moomin Duvet Cover Set The Magic Moomin (Finnish: Taikamuumi) duvet cover contains a touch of magic. The Moomin characters ar

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Finlayson's Moomin products now available in London’s Covent Garden

Favoritmumin örngott - Ljusröd - Sängkläder – Finlayson

Favoritmumin örngott - Ljusröd - Sängkläder – Finlayson

Pieni Lintu: Pinkit ihanuudet ja harvinaisuudet

Arabia - pretty collection of muuminmugs

Nuuskamuikkunen ja Myy-pussilakanasetti - Finlayson verkkokauppa muumit pussilakana

A new beautiful duvet cover set from Finlayson featuring Snufkin and a sleeping Little My. High quality fabric from Finlayson, double sided.

Dolphin rules the children's room for it soothes energy and stimulates the imagination.

Moomin design in children's room, it's between this and Where The Wild Things Are.hoping I can get my hubby to go along with a Moomin theme :)

New 2014 mug - Moomin Mug Sail With Niblings and Too-Ticky - Tove Slotte-Elevant - Arabia -

Muumi-kesämuki 2014 - Purjehtien Tahmatassun & Tuutikin kanssa, Moomin summer mug 2014

‘Quite, quite,’ she thought with a little sigh. ‘It’s always like this in their adventures. To save and be saved. I wish somebody would write a story sometime about the people who warm up the heroes afterward.'

The people who keep houses warm and bellies full should be celebrated as heroes. - 50 Lessons That Moomins Can Teach You About Life