linen- slouchy shapes- without having to deal with jersey, linen can give a…

この3色があればOK! 黒・ベージュ・白ではじめる大人服。

PearlsBowsPink — allthingsgirlyandbeautiful: Chambray  Floral

Chambray + floral skirt A almost utilitarian combo of denim top and shirt that goes together very nicely. The floral skirt with the braided belt work well to add some formality to the ensemble, while the denim adds a boyfriend-ish style femininity.

One Documented Obsession

Casual linen jacket with classy pocket square, denim shirt, breitling. I wonder if I could pull this off with a blue oxford shirt and formal blazer

Birth month flowers.

I wouldn't stick to this but it's a lovely bunch of roses. My guess though is that if you picked a certain month for your wedding, then the rose that fits that month is most likely a color you love. I'm October and it's my favorite rose in this photo!

Pink Clothes

Weekly Wrap-Up

Clothes Line- setting one up in the yard this summer! Nothing beats the smell of clothes after hanging out in the summer sun!