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Leaping Tiger Photograph by Jacki Pienta - Leaping Tiger Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

This beautiful creature is being hunted down so I think it needs to be seen in a picture.

when I searched winter walk this popped up and was too great not to post! Winter Walk by Tataxa :)

Siberian Tiger (020) - high spirits by *Sikaris on deviantART

Amur Tiger) running through snow camera & lens: Nikon AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor Siberian Tiger - high spirits

Aside from ligers, the Siberian Tiger is the largest "big cat".  This tree demonstrates that perfectly.  Now realize that a liger is even bigger than this!

I Never Realized Their True Size

Funny pictures about I Never Realized Their True Size. Oh, and cool pics about I Never Realized Their True Size. Also, I Never Realized Their True Size photos.

A few days ago, the Wildlife Conservation Society released a report that shows the last remaining population of Siberian Tigers has declined significantly, due to poaching and habitat loss. The 12 year average showed a 40% decline.    In the late 40's only 30 of these magnificent cats were known, and the population had recovered to 500 animals by 2005. However, in the past 4 years a trend of declining tigers has been noticed.

The Siberian Tiger is the largest cat to ever walk the face of the earth.

Imagine a world where they no longer exist?? That would be incredibly sad. The Siberian Tiger Reflections

Another black and white shot today. :-) This time its a siberian tiger, drinking some water. And causing some nice reflections of itself in the water.