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Be Like Burt: 16 Ways to Make Your Own Beeswax Products

Make beard balm for your guy with this tutorial.


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Celebrating 1000 followers with this crisp and elegant shot from @jessiwikstrom and the perfect gentleman @oldgeezerwithin!! . Thanks guys thanks for hanging out here supporting this account and the true version of living a life with beard. There's more to come so bare with me as I will try to pick up the pace…


I got this early Christmas gift yesterday! I've been a fan of @hugocasta_art since I first saw his art and I couldn't be more grateful! Keep up the good work brother I love your style! . #villainappreciation #beardedvillains #theswedishbeardcommunity#beard#bearded#beardlife#beardlove#beardoil#moustache#beardman#mustache#mustachewax#skägg#skäggvård#beardstyle#barber#barberlife#beardedlifestyle#eatclean#beardgrooming#beards #beardart #art by thebeardofkris


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STAR WARS VILLAIN . What side are you on? I'm obviously on the "dark side". My son choose the "dark side" and it would be wrong not to support him in his choice and it's his ring. And who wouldn't want to run around in a "storm trooper" costume? The other side what do they even call them selfs? "The fair side" "the right path side" "the light side" "the good guys in capes with hoods that are slightly torn side"? Well the good guys are quite dull and there isn't any Luke ring no Leia ring or…


2015 was good year filled with many nice events get togethers and charity work made in the name of beard! Here's @jonaspsblomgren at the rememberable @musikhjalpen in Linköping where @beardedvillains_sweden helped out to raise a great amount of money to the cause! Well done brothers! . Photo: @jessiwikstrom…

To day is the "National hug day"! The day was first celebrated on January 21 1986 in Clio Michigan USA. The idea of National Hug Day is to encourage everyone to hug family and friends more often. But because the internet lacking pictures of hugs including beards it had to be this great picture! And because this is more likely to happen when a beard is involved . Lovely shot by the talented Models: @krillehellstrom @kaosyoga…

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