steel drums....we have a friend that plays these...they are beautiful!~

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All the Cymbal Ladies

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lol i started lauging when i say is that possible? (Only pianists get it)

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Musicians rarely need to replace their instrument, but they often need to replace accessories. If you have a drummer on your list, drum sticks are always appreciated. If you can, check out the sticks they have already and get them the same kind.

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YEAH!!!! Our grade has 10 drummers, and 4 of them are girls (this is including me). We call eachother the "Chicks with sticks"! GIRLPOWER IN THE BAND ROOM <<< that is awesome lol

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Tama Cobra Clutch Closed

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Compact kit - bet that plays like a dream!

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I simply love this because the girl in this picture just so happens to be in marching band with me. :) Our marching band is just amazing.

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Sterling Silver Drum Ring. :O I WANT SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Percussion Problems. And last time, we dropped drumsticks, stands, and entire trap tables! Talent.

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