Sleeping nook with reclaimed windows as doors.    I deeply love this - I've always found the cubby/fort/hideout space very comforting.  I like bunk beds, the bottom bunk, because they give one a sense of that.  Though as a 6'3" adult, sleeping in the bottom bunk is not all that doable.    Twice I've lived with my bed in a closet - this is just a much classier version of that.

guest bedroom nook that offers guests privacy if you close the sliding door, and is an open, nook-y space otherwise. bookshelves feel off-balance to me, but yay books! Moon to Moon: Hibernation: Cosy bedroom nooks. ---- This would so be my room.

World of Interiors - McWhirter Morris Interior Decoration London UK

Bed in alcove, curtains World of Interiors - McWhirter Morris Interior Decoration London UK

Want this room!

44 Cozy Nooks You'll Want To Crawl Into Immediately

Nooks built in rooms that are bed-sized= comfy bed nook. (i have a bed nook!

Leela Cyd Ross for The New York Times - great idea for a studio

Homes for $900,000

Sleeping nook ... ha ha, you could have those doors shut, have a visitor and say well, I'm going to bed now!, and they would never have realized that was a room

Sleeping nook - I especially like the fact there's a window in there, unlike traditional Scottish box beds.

8 Fabulously Cozy Dens to Curl Up In

8 Fabulously Cozy Dens You’ll Want to Curl Up In

Hygge (pronounced "hoo-guh") Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.aka the MOST talked about word around our office these days.

Best nook ever- maybe in the studio.

A fantastic sleeping / reading nook. Interesting idea for a guest bed along with a reading nook

sleeping nook and ceiling

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Perfect place for storing treasured books and for reading. Wish I had a space like this in my home. Traditional hall by Shannon Malone

again, the Swedish blue! And the simplicity with touches of movement, humor, and comfort. The rug is imitating the amazing hair of yours.There is the marriage of simple lines and curved/ornamented ones. What a wonderful solution for you!

✿⊱ Cottage in Blue ✿⊱ .Built in blue bed, in a very old Swedish cottage.

Cozy Reading Nook...omg I would love this!!! when we  build our own home I am so getting one of these in it!

Cozy Reading & Sleeping Nooks

Wonderful cozy nook for the guest bedroom. Wonderful cozy nook for the guest bedroom. Wonderful cozy nook for the guest bedroom.

Sleeping nook. Omg I need it.

Cozy bed tucked into an alcove - Nicholas Haslam for a London home ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I NEVER tire of doing this, as long as I have housekeepers to make the beds! Too old, to make a bed like this, anymore.