Hej!  Jag har en fråga! Hur ska man egentligt highlighta o använda shading eller bronzing? Jag har försökt...

Läsarfråga, shading och highlighter (Fråga Frisören & Makeup Artisten)

Intrigued by the contour and highlight makeup buzz? Check out this great resource. How to Contour and Highlight via once wed

Find falsies for every look with Ardell Lashes @paramountbeauty.

Find the perfect false lashes for your wedding day! Full and dramatic, light and delicate, bold and doll-like, what's your wedding day look? Find your favorite Ardell Lashes

Boost those bottom lashes with this fab trick from The Beauty Department!

Boost those bottom lashes!

Want bigger, bolder bottom lashes? Use this makeup technique! --Using lip brush to apply mascara to lashes to thicken vs lengthen

angelina jolie tutorial

Brown eye shadow along the crease. 2 Light shadow on the eyelid. 3 Black eyeliner very narrow deep on the upper lash line,

För mer frisyrer kolla in http://www.frilla.se

Gold & Blue eyeshadow, I would replace this with green underneath as blue eye shadow doesn't look very good with green eyes


Brows most important part of eye make up.your brows frame your eyes. Bad brows could ruin the best make up application.


The power of highlight and contour. power of makeup.and if you can do makeup, consider yourself an artist, you don't have to be good with pencil/pen and paper.makeup is an art in itself

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15 Makeup Tips You Must Love

makeup magic: MAKEUP TRICKS - Flawless, Airbrushed Looking Foundation I've been wondering what the beauty blender is for?