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Solar power: Stunning picture shows Sun's blustery 'atmosphere' during total eclipse

Solar Eclipse - Shooting a million miles or more out into the hard, cold vacuum of space, this fiery halo is one of the wonders of the universe.It's called a corona and can't normally be seen because of the brightness of the Sun, a broiling sea of hydrogen gas at 10,000c. But during a solar eclipse, the Moon blocks out the Sun and the corona is spectacularly revealed. This montage was taken on the Marshall Islands in July 2009 by veteran eclipse hunter Miloslav Druckmuller.


Solförmörkelse över Europa | Illustrerad Vetenskap


Skyddsglasögon och solförmörkelse - var rädd om dina ögon | Illustrerad Vetenskap


Partiell solförmörkelse 2012. Foto: Thephatphilmz via Wikimedia


Solförmörkelse på Färöarna 2015


Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014 - in pictures

Hybrid Solar Eclipse 2 Eugen Kamenew (Germany), People & Space: winner Sun and moon sink together behind a Kenyan savannah skyline, locked in an eclipse in which the moon is silhouetted against the sun’s bright disc


Wow! This looks like an orchid to me. Very nicely done!


Solförmörkelse 20.3.2015

Vid en solförmörkelse rör sig månen mellan jorden och solen så att månens skugga sveper över jorden. I kärnskuggan ser man en total solförmörkelse under några minuter.

Solförmörkelse i Sverige 1954. 50-talet - Generationerna


Solförmörkelse 2015