måla på kakel hur gör man steg 3

Så målar du om kakel – instruktioner steg-för-steg

Photo: boligmagasinet.dk   This small summer house is located in Denmark, and has room for 5 people. Like the built in sofabed a...

42 sqm summer house

Strandhule på 42 kvadratmeter - Bolig Magasinet a bit busy but concept is great

I would love to have a comfy little place like this one in my kitchen.

Would love to squeeze a window seat/bench into our dining room. A home in Sweden. Photo by Sofi Sykfont for Lantliv.

LIBERTYN interiors

LIBERTYN interiors

Pretty window, wood storage and shelf

Un bon feu de bois ça vous dit ?

I love this idea of using old windows to make your own glass-door cabinet! I could maybe DIY with a cheap bookcase to make a modern china cabinet?