Sons of Anarchy was my favorite tv show ever made. I was very upset when it ended. It first started in 2006 and became a top show in ratings. It shared a lot of good times, blood, sweat and tears. It showed you about how life is to others and if you think you got it bad in life. This show will show you different aspects of life, especially when it comes to love, friends, family and loyalty. You can heck it out on Netflix. It's a very good show.

Kurt Sutter Talks Sons of Anarchy Season 5 and a Prequel Series Featuring the First Nine

Sons of Anarchy Season 7. It's becoming very clear that all the good that was left in Jax is gone. He's running on fury & vengeance.

The reaper may come for us all eventually, but he can’t take your love of SOA. Get the Sons of Anarchy Jax Skull Face Giclee Print and show you’re a s.

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Sons of anarchy - TV show i have enjoyed the most in recent years - SAMCRO SOA

Aside from the gratuitous Jax pin... I really am a huge fan of this show.  The twists and turns, the depth of the story line..... True entertainment!

Exclusive First Look: Sons of Anarchy's Official Season 5 Poster Underscores Huge Clay/Jax Rift

26 Of The Funniest Moments From Sons Of Anarchy

26 Of The Funniest Moments From Sons Of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy Riders. I will repost this every time. Happy answering so quickly: We all are

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Charlie Hunnam & 'Sons of Anarchy' Cast Are Back Filming New Season, Share Set Pics with Fans!: Photo Charlie Hunnam zooms around on his motorcycle on Wednesday (June in Studio City, Calif. The actor recently returned to work on the Sons of Anarchy…

Charlie Hunnam/ Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy

Breaking Bad star wanted for Sons of Anarchy