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I just noticed that in Soul Eater NOT, Soul is younger.I looked at the Soul Eater Wikia. And this show is based of of their early years, idk I thought it was cool!

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Cinderella's son: Clint is very lazy, and I mean VERY lazy. He is 14 and he has a sence of humor. Being inline for the throne can stress him out at times, but he is usually cool as a cucumber.

Soul Evans from Soul Eater, also known as me! (or so i am told) He is one cool dude

Gabe has a soul eater shirt soul evans is soooo cute too ok I don't know anything about soul eater.

Holie - Soul Eater Evans (And I was all like) 0o0 OHMYGAWDOHMYGAWDOMYGAWD!!!

Soul playing the piano, making hjs own music - Soul Eater ~ DarksideAnime

soul eater Maka Albarn ,Soul Eater ,Soul Evans episode 27

Maka Albarn Soul Eater gif Soul Evans episode Looks like soul was responsible for burning the kury