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Knitted DROPS socks with Christmas pattern in ”Karisma”. Size 32-43. ~ DROPS Design

Knitted DROPS socks with Christmas pattern in Karisma. Free knitting pattern by DROPS Design.

Bluemchen0815 _-_-_ _ julekuler striped_and_framed2_small2

I fell in love with Arne and Carlos’ “Julekuler” book and have been knitting a ton of them for my Christmastree Eventually I came up with some patterns of my own and wanted to share them here.

PERFECT for using up scrap yarns!!  =]  Free knitting pattern for hat and scarf for bottle gifts and more gift wrap knitting patterns

Gift Wrap Knitting Patterns

DROPS Christmas: Knitted DROPS hat and scarf for bottle , Freebie: thanks so xox (Like Innocent smoothie ones, but sweeter as hand made by you) .

Scandinavian Holiday Gnomes - To make instead of buy TLS, wool felt, wool stuffing, tricot, sweater scraps

Scandinavian Holiday Gnomes- thinking we could make this hat by recycling holiday sweaters, felt and yarn. images patterns hirsch.png images patterns hirsch.png