small gauge stretched ears

28 Inspirational Snug Piercing Jewelry Examples

Currently at 4g, undecided as to whether or not I want to stretch farther...hmmm lol decisions decisions

Ear piercing types and styles

Plugs come in many gauge sizes. Use this gauge size chart to see common jewelry sizes and see how gauge size converts to millimeters and inches.

1 Forward Helix, 4 Cartilage, 3 Lobe, 1 Dermal Punch, 1 Tragus, 1 Rook

50 Beautiful Ear Piercings

Beautiful ear with stretched lobes, second piercing, tragus, cartilage piercing, and a lot others.

Spikey Steel Tunnel - Decorative Metal Plugs - Metal - Plugs | UK Custom Plugs - Ear Gauges, Flesh Tunnels for Stretched Ears

Steel Screwback Tunnel - UK Custom Plugs has a wide selection of high quality plugs, gauges and flesh tunnels available in stone, wood, acrylic and steel.

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Stretched ear adorned with Tawapa lotus eyelets in gold. I like the tiny flower piercing.