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Panther in Belgium 1 Panzer SS Division #tanks #worldwar2

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Russian WWII Howitzer 203mm M1931 B4. That's one big hunk of metal.

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World War II - 6 German Panther tanks in column

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Dale Robertson (1923- ) Lt., USA (1942-45) WW II. He entered as a Pvt serving in the Horse Cavalry in 1942. He served as a tank cmdr in the 777th Tank Bn in North Africa. Rose to 1st Lt with 332nd Combat Engrs in Patton's 3rd Army. He was wounded twice. Best remembered for western roles and TV's Dynasty & Dallas series.

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Children play on the bomb sites and wrecked tanks in Berlin, in the aftermath of the fighting in the city, 1945

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Italian FIAT M13/40 Not renown for their tank designs during WW2, this tank armed with a 47mm gun packed a considerable punch for it's time, however, even though it was soon to become outdated it remained in Italian service until the wars end. #worldwar2 #tanks

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German Panzer IIL (Luchs) Mehr

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Stanisław Skalski DSO, DFC and two Bars (27 November 1915 – 12 November 2004) was a Polish fighter ace of the Polish Air Force in World War II, later rising to the rank of Generał Brygady. Stanisław Skalski was the top Polish fighter ace of WW II and the first Allied fighter ace of the war, credited, according to official list, with 18 11/12 victories and two probable. Some sources, including Skalski himself, give a number of 22+ victories.(Colorised by Tomek Iwanowski from Poland)

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