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CC: THANKS b/c there shouldn't just be like 5 canon superpowers. I'd take invisibility, size manipulation and weather control. OH and super speed. Just imagine me, a tiny invisible tornado-producing speed demon.

Psychokinesis Infographic

Psychokinesis is defined as the ability of the mind to move objects without any physical intervention. Telekinesis is the most common type of Psychokinesis.

What Superpower Would You Have In A Parallel Universe?

What Superpower Would You Have In A Parallel Universe?

Trying to fill in someone else's shoes is futile. The person will at best be a shadow of the one who shoes they are trying to fill. It is best to have new shoes (their own) rather than live in the shadow of another

Magic, power, they all come with responsiblity. But which superpower could you handle and which should you have based on your horoscope sign?

Based On Your Horoscope What Superpower Should You Have?

What power does your personality give you? Find your secret ability!

Infographic Of The Day: An Omnibus Of Comic Book Superpowers

The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers [Pop Chart Lab has a great collection of such taxonomic infographics!

How To Do Telekinesis aka Psychokinesis | This isn't a's a power we're all capable of. Want to try your hand at it?

QOW: Does Telekinesis Exist and How Do I Use It?

Telekinesis simply means mind over matter and the ability to move objects utilizing this skill. The answer to your first question?