Jeans quilt - diamonds and stripes  --  I REALLY like this Denim quilt!!  --

Jeans quilt - diamonds and stripes -- I REALLY like this Denim quilt!

my precious, my preccccioussss

Kaleidoscope Patchwork Quilt (Urban Outfitters, interior design, home decor)

Looks easy enough...

wow I love this quilt. I do believe I will make this one.I love the square and stripe patchwork quilts. Another quilt that looks easy to make for charity sewing yet with the right colors would look like it took a lot of effort.

Quilt/ Lapptäcke åt Ted !

Quilt/ Lapptäcke åt Ted !

Handkraft & Återbruk -

- recycling jeans - now this is a jeans reusable project I can get behind. Love the quilts but hate cutting and sewing all the squares together.

special k by PamKittyMorning, Just found out my niece is expecting. . . . hmmmmm.

From Pam Kitty Morning. I like the use of blues with the red applique letter for a baby boy quilt. no pattern here!

easy lap quilt by tcockburn2002.

I cut 10 x 5 rectangles from various red fabrics, created blocks using two different red panels, and then did a fence row-esque pattern, alternating vertical and horizontal placement. Simple straightline quilting and used strips of reds for my binding.

Millsboro Euro Sham Quilted 26x26

Millsboro Euro Sham Quilted 26x26

Millsboro Quilted Euro Sham For a larger pillow accent, add this matching quilted euro pillow sham to your country quilted bedding. This sham features various plaids and prints of burgun