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I like the mid 1800 England look - the darkness and intrigue of it all

Irezumi Handpainted Leather

Irezumi Handpainted Leather

Archive Tattoo Toronto

Archive Tattoo Studio dates all the way back to When I first meet David Glantz, the head honcho at Archive, he's knee-deep on a customer's leg slee.


In Birmingham we& blessed with some pretty cool things. Nestled in the heart of Digbeth, opposite Monday MoCo, is

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Most people only recognize trends as soon as they have existed for some time and are well established. As a designer, you must always know about current and upcoming trends, I think it’s vita…

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Vagabond custom design all their own artwork and every tattoo is clean, slick and solid, executed with a high level of precision. Created by tattoo artist Paul Hill and graphic designer Rebecca Morris their focus is on exclusive and original tattoos.

Would be cool if I had a white wall the said the name of my shop or "just got Ink" for pics of tats after done

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