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Lou Teasdale trying to get Harry to do duck face on her snapchat and him refusing. LOL
Sara Teasdale - Love songs
Hahaa you never pass when harry is hugging you <<< when you are Lou Teasdale you can do whatever you want.
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Salt and pepper gray hair. Grey hair. Silver hair. White hair. Granny hair don't care. No dye. Dye free. Natural highlights. Aging and going gray gracefully.

Leafy Garlands, Mysterious Eyes And Oysters On The Bus

"When I hve ceased to break my wings Against the faultiness of things, And learned that compromises wait Behind each hardly opened gate, When I can look Life in the eyes, Grown calm and very coldly wise, Life will have given me the Truth, And taken in exchange - my youth." - Sara Teasdale
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Sara Teasdale - Love songs
lou teasdale, gemma styles, harry styles. love gemma's hair