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Teen girl quote I'm a teen

I'm a teen I have a Messy room. I spend most of my time Online. I have Private things on my phone. I go to bed Late and I am crazy about One Person.

Will use in math class for students to find the error in this persons excuse

If you didn’t study, here’s your answer…

Top 30 Funny quotes for Teens #funny pics                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Top 30 Funny quotes for Teens

Funny Quotes for Teens Here are some most funniest teen quotes, you will feel that they fit your feelings .

Found this on the Quotes Wallpaper App for the iPhone :) Couldn't pass up its realness

#Teen #Quotes true

We r teenage girls. And se of this is true( not changing out of my skinny jeans cuz I luv them) and my fav new top. Most of the time tht stays

#Teen #Quotes How did they know I did this???

Teenager post: when you're in bed and you can't sleep so you just lay there making mental movies of perfect scenarios in life

I just sing really quite unless I have headphones then I super loud

Teenager Post I don't care if I can't sing. This is my favorite song. Therefore I will sing.