Banded Mountain Terrier - A newly developing breed. Actually a Jack Russell crossed with a Lakeland Terrier.

Banded Mountain Terrier - A newly developing breed "This is the dog I . The Banded Mountain Terrier was created by crossing some of the USA's top winning Jack Russell bloodlines to imported working Fell and .

Atticus, Welsh Terrier, 2 months Ahhhhh so sweet I'd have one if these if I could x

This looks exactly what our Welsh Terrier looked like at 2 months - their colors change a lot as they get older.

Irish Terriers are so beautiful.

Scruffy terrier type dogs are often seen running about farms. They are used for hunting and protection

Norwich Terrier @winslowinthecity on Instagram

Super cute baby animals - Funny Wild Animal This video is a compilation of wildlife of animal babies.

Border Terrier

Love this scrappy pooch. Hypoallergenic and the perfect lap-sized dog! His name will either be Harvey or Cooper