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B.I.G. Tip of the Day! TEMPORARY Extension Cord Protection from the Family Handyman! The Family Handyman Temporary Extension Cord Protection - If you're having a party or some other event in the yard and you need additional electricity sources, here's a great way to keep extension cord plugs dry. Cut notches in the opposite sides of a reusable plastic container and snap on the lid. Your plugs will stay dry if it happens to rain or the ground is moist.

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What's better than a simple stool project? A ridiculously simple one. Here are plans for a workshop stool you can make, inspired by that “simpler is better” concept.

Don’t use too many fasteners. One large bolt is better than many screws or nails. You get the same strength but with fewer puncture wounds to the tree. Whenever possible, perch your tree house on top of fasteners rather than pinning beams to the tree. This gives the tree room to move and grow. Even for smaller, lighter tree houses where the load is spread over three or four attachment points, consider using 1-in.- or 1-1/4-in.-diameter lag bolts.

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