Throne Room

Inside the Castle of the Orient: The King Who Sits on the Throne .

ArtStation - Temple of Utu - Polycount Throne Room Contest, Thiago Klafke

Martin Holmberg and Thiago Klafke from Blizzard Entertainment talk about the tools and their design decisions that helped to shape Temple of Utu – an incredible environment which became one of the finalists in the Allegorythmic Throne Room challenge.

Breathtaking Fantasy Artworks by Kekai Kotaki

Fantasy: The Green Throne - Digital, Concept art, Fantasy, Illustrations, PhotoshopCoolvibe – Digital Art

Odin's Throne by ~BurningBrushGallery #norsemythology #aesir #asgard

Majesty's throne room Original: Odin's Throne by ~BurningBrushGallery on deviantART