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tim drake aesthetic

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tim drake

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oh my god kon and jason in the background!!! precious tim. (and steph)

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Tim Drake-DC Comics

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You should leave the humor to Richard, Timothy. (Context: Tim just blew out all of Ra's network)

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Red Robin. Tim Drake.

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Myers Briggs - Tim Drake

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Tony/Tim for Blue!

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“ Tim Drake’s laptop is so well reinforced it could probably survive the apocalypse. (92% statistically) It also makes for a great projectile weapon against unwanted little brothers invading his space. ”

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tim drake and the fam. Kon has gotten in on this trend as well.

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Tim Drake (c) DC Comics<------ I love the fact he's actually talking to the bird, and understands it. <3

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Batfamily Fight Club: Red Robin -

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Tim Drake and His Luscious Locks

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A happy Tim. Tim Drake. Robin.

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Red Robin. Tim Drake. <<<< Me on a regular basis.

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For all their denying it, Damian and Tim did love each other, they were just the two siblings who never got along well. Teen Titans #18

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Tim Drake and Jason Todd❤

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Red Robin (Tim Drake) by Kenneth Rocafort

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Red Robin. Tim Drake. Timmmmy oh how I love you my childhood Robin <3

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