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Tony Oller (one the most sortof, kind of the most attractive person I have ever seen with also the best singing voice on this planet!!!)))

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Tony Oller I love you <3

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Jack and coke smokin on the fire escape. (dont like the smoking btw lil shit)

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Tony...I usually hate guys in black rim glasses but hes rocking them (;

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We Are MKTO // The MKTO Official Site. Discovered them and have fallen in love with Tony's voice and love their music! (Malcolm played Walt in Lost!)

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It wasn't him at all. The face was his, but the cold, ruthlessly amused demeanor was not. She was having difficulty processing the events of the past few days, watching him kill-no, murder innocents, it was too hard to believe. But the heartbreaking truth was, he was gone, maybe for good this time. (B6: Return of Darkness) ~Wendy Hamlet

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Tony Oller, so adorable =)

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abby getty on

omg. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tony Oller, my boooo <333

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ladies and gentlemen i hereby present to you tony oller (aka my boo)

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