Instagram of the Day: Daydreaming on Lake Louise

I like this photo because the color and reflection of the lake adds depth to the rest of the photo.

The Roman Colosseum isn't the only thing celebrated for its history. Yellow 108 creates sustainable hats from salvaged and recycled materials, making it one with a rich history and a past life of its own.

6 Travel Photo Tips From the Polkadot Passport

6 Travel Photo Tips From the Polkadot Passport // portraits photography ideas inspiration

Good tips and reminders no matter what your skill level! How to Take Better Travel Photos - Tips from the Pros Paper Planes

Der Reiseschnäppchen-Kalender: Hier könnt ihr das ganze Jahr günstig Urlaub machen

The excitment of traveling alone for the first time // Cristina Ramella Jewelry

Take Better Travel Photos With These 10 Tips

The team behind Darling Magazine is back to help you properly commemorate your travel adventures with 10 photo-taking tips. Tap the link now to find the hottest products to take better photos!

35 Photos That Will Make You Want to Travel Sri Lanka

So much amazing nature in Sri Lanka to explore, including the Knuckles Mountain Range

How To Take Beautiful Travel Photos of Yourself

Want the scoop on how to take amazing travel selfies in creative and beautiful ways? Here are easy tips from an expert solo travelers

20 Travel Photos You Must Take on Your Next Trip

too bad I didn't read this earlier for my trip to AU. My friend Vivienne gives some great Tips for Taking Travel Selfies (and her photos share a peek into the trip we took to Nashville last week - so much fun!

Italy & Paris

We began our week in Italy with Pizza by the Colleseum in beautiful Rome🍕🍕 Mushroom, tomato and basil was my fav kind of pizza 🌱 Next stop was Vegan Gelato at a place called CamBio Vita, which we f…