LILLYLOONS:. Embroidered cotton pantaloons by NymphaeaBellydance

Embroidered cotton pantaloons with cutouts for Tribal or Tribal Fusion Bellydance Mehr

THESE are the flipping pants I was trying to find... but you know, in white.

Vintage Silk cutout pantaloons for tribal or tribal fusion Bellydance

Apsara hand gestures | ❤ gypsy bellydance ▲ Via Afrikraaft #fusion #gypsy

The hands are one of the most important parts of bellydance - check out these apsara hand gestures of the tribal fusion style!

Assuit Headdress- Diamond Glitz - Assiut, Tribal Fusion Headpiece, Belly Dance, Tribal Bellydance, Vaudeville | Tribal Fusion, Headdress and Headpieces

Custom headdress made by the Verdant Muse- I need to start working on jeweled belts and headpieces.

METHE  Dark Wine Red and Gold Tribal Fusion by TheniaTribal

METHE - Dark Wine Red and Gold Tribal Fusion Bellydance Bra -Ready to ship Tribal Fusion costume top

I often got asked whether all Turkish people are belly dancers. I'm Turkish yet I don't know one single belly dancer.