I used to love using my mom's typewriter!    I thought I was so cool typing away on that thing;)

"I am well versed in the focus-stealing racket one can make with a vintage manual typewriter." Tom Hanks writing about his passion for collecting and using typewriters.

This site has a bunch of old typewriters in different colors. They're $700 each, but still.

We are loving these vintage typewriters by Kasbah Mod Typewriters for our Christmas countdown! They are restored from the

'Royal' typewriter

'Although I appreciate the convenience of using my computer to write, I lovvvvvvvvvve the feeling I have of writing with a vintage typewriter. It gives me plenty of time to contemplate my thoughts and words, as I meander along the keys.

Vintage Typewriter

Fab Five Friday Finds: Vintage New Orleans

Classy Display of Vintage

I love this so much, all of it complements each other and I like the style. I want an eclectic/vintage room but I don't want an old lady room.

Type up those love notes on this baby pink Royal typewriter...

Pink Vintage Typewriter ~ I Heart Shabby Chic: Shabby Chic Spring Pastel Heaven Decorating Ideas