Hönsnät att fästa grejer i, tex trådrullar. Fin korg på golvet att ha presentpapper i

The wire mesh trend keeps growing and we love the clean lines of grid moodboards. We don't love the sharp edges though; so we've created our own wire memo board. It has all of the edginess of mesh, without the ouch.

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ungdomsrum inspiration - Sök på Google

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I should do this! hang it in the hallway and fill it with Lego that's left on the floor throughout the house, wouldn't take long to fill it!

Lego Storage Ideas: The Ultimate Lego Organisation Guide

Wonderful shadow box cut-out filled with minfigs. an idea for the wall to keep legos for later. What a great idea so I'm not finding Collin's legos all over the house.

Förvaring och besparing på rätt inredningsvis

Bright studio / work / crafting space with all of the drawers. All of the drawers! (Ikea, I'm coming for you.) my dream DIY, craft,sewing and art room