Orageux gris et cuivre dream or  boho Dreamcatcher  Bohème

Stormy Grey and Copper dream catcher - boho Dreamcatcher - bohemian - glamour - gray - bohochic - gold

DIY: feather wall decoration / Sacred Spaces <3

Meet the Designer Behind These Gorgeous Feather Art Hangings

Inside the space of Wisconsin-based Kristen Leigh Baker whose modern yet boho feather art wall hangings are coveted by every last person on our staff.

~ unique ~   can't read her blog but I can enjoy her pictures! Karin Lindström

This branch book shelf is an awesome way to incorporate tree branch decor. Secure branches to the wall with nails and float a few books on top for a functional display

SAM*TINY : En este mundo moderno,  los Caza-Sueños son uno de esos objetos  de Arte, que por su belleza y delicada composición, son preferidos por quienes gustan  tener elementos de decoración que a la vez tenga un significado especial (su presencia atrae las buenas energías) por eso, en el hogar, salas, estudios, espacios de trabajo, oficinas, negocios , en fin donde se desee, es ideal tenerlos

Clay, Crystal, Gemstone, and Leather Mandella that I made for myself with all of the antique crystals that I have collected over the years.

Green Bohemian Mandala Tapestry

Spread out your tapestry for a refreshing springtime picnic, relax on a lazy beach holiday, or add a burst of light to your home’s design. With richly-woven colors and enchanting designs, The Bohemian