Dinky Toys Nr. 24L - 2 CV Vespa 400 in originaler Box

Details zu Dinky Toys Nr. 24L - 2 CV Vespa 400 in originaler Box

Dinky Toys Nr. 24L - 2 CV Vespa 400 in originaler Box

Vespa 400 Micro Car

TO: Our Transport in Italia Just room enough for a great deli-packed picnic basic. Vespa 400 Micro Car, by ACMA for Piaggio

1960vespa400 it may be the only auto auction in the world where you can cross shop competing Amphicars and BMW Isettas. If those seem too big and safe, there's always the Vespa 400, the Italian scooter builder's attempt at four-wheeled transportation using a 392-cc engine. It's also a convertible, because when your top speed is 55 mph, you need a way to signal people you can't go any faster.

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1960 #Vespa 400 Convertible #ClassicCar pinterest.com/quirkyrides/boards

1960 Vespa 400 Convertible or not i want this even though or looks like a one seeter i could were there faces driving this to collage

1957 Vespa 400 car. Maintenance/restoration of old/vintage vehicles: the material for new cogs/casters/gears/pads could be cast polyamide which I (Cast polyamide) can produce. My contact: tatjana.alic@windowslive.com

1956 Vespa Better known for its scooters, Italian company Vespa built this eco car in France to avoid upsetting the mighty Fiat.

The Vespa 400... I am desperately in love with this car. <3

The Vespa 400 The Vespa 400 was a rear-engined micro car, produced by ACMA in Fourchambault, France, from 1957 to 1961 to the designs of the Italian Piaggio company. Two different versions were sold,.

Baby Blue: 1959 VESPA 400 Micro Car

Baby Blue: 1959 VESPA 400 Micro Car

The Piaggio Vespa 400 | Italian cars www.italianways.com/the-piaggio-vespa-400-a-four-wheel-starlet/

La Vespa 400 della Piaggio: “starlette” a quattro ruote

Vespa 400, 1957-1961

vespa 400 microcar: this mini embodies 'la dolce vita.' off to the italian riviera.