Image detail for -Victorian Bulldog

Image detail for -Victorian Bulldog. Bigger than a English but smaller than an American bulldog :) he looks intimidating

Victorian Bulldog Puppies

Information About the Victorian Bulldog You Won't Find Elsewhere

A rare and popular breed, the Victorian bulldog makes for the perfect family pet. Buzzle provides some facts about this unique dog.

Sassy – 4 year old female Victorian Bulldog dog for adoption

Meet Sassy our Victorian Bulldog, female four years old. She is spayed and ready to home. Sassy is fine with cats and dogs. She can be selective about the ones .

Dogs] Breed: English Bulldog/Victorian Bulldog mix, Gender: Female ...

Dogs] Breed: English Bulldog/Victorian Bulldog mix, Gender: Female ...

Victorian Bulldog...this is what the bulldog is supposed to look like. I love this breed and would love to own one. Too bad they only breed them in Great Britain.

My new puppy "Wee Bobbit"! Viscount Mistlethwaite is such a dear. I may have to let him accompany me for an evening out.

Juma the bulldog gives birth to 14 cute puppies and is very happy

Juma the bulldog is so proud after giving birth to 14 puppies

Three-year-old Juma the Victorian bulldog gave her owners a massive surprise on Sunday when she gave birth to a record fourteen puppies. That’s three times the normal number of puppies seen in a litter, FYI.

The Victorian Bulldog is loyal and reliable with a typical bulldog personality. Although its appearance can be somewhat intimidating, it is among the gentlest of dogs.

A wide, thick bodied, big bellied, brindle and white Victorian Bulldog is sleeping across a wooden step. The dog has a very big head, a black nose and small eyes.